Labor Day Weekend Getaway To Mexico

Labor Day Weekend! Head on down to Mexico for fun under the sun.

Beach in Mexico for Labor Day

It’s Labor Day! You’ve worked hard and you deserve a break!
Head on down to Mexico and spend Labor Day Weekend, basking in the sun. Enjoy fresh Mexican food, music and fun.  This labor day is about you (and the margarita).

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Need a place to stay when you are in Mexico?
Click here to see our ever-growing “Baja Hotel Guide“.

Be safe this long Labor Day Weekend. Be Mindful of those around you and remember to always keep an eye on your tequila.

Only 30 minutes from San Diego, you can be on the beach in Rosarito, sipping a cold one while basking in sun and listening to tunes while the ocean waves lull you to sleep for your afternoon nap.

Labor Day Weekend to Mexico Insurance

When traveling and staying in a hotel, no matter where you go you should:

  1. Always lock your valuables in a room safe. If a safe isn’t available ask the hotel concierge to lock your valuables in the hotel safe.
  2. Travel with just enough money to cover your expenses when out on the town.
  3. Keep one credit card and some extra cash hidden somewhere in your room.
  4. Be aware of your surroundings. How far is it to the hotel.
  5. Find out where the location of police and hospital.
  6. Have Fun!

Check back often as we update this list every year.

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